38 new coronavirus cases traced to single source in Eden

Aug 13, 2020

Erie County's register of COVID-19 cases has taken a big leap. The county Health Department has confirmed 38 new cases in Eden, essentially doubling the town's total.

Those cases were made official in a 48-hour period. The Health Department will not say what led to that burst of cases in a very narrow time period.

Town Supervisor Melissa Hartmen said she does not know what happened, although rumors are flying. She said the Health Department is keeping everything confidential.

"Because of the extensive contact tracing, they did expedite the process. They involved New York State, as well," Hartman said. "They are very confident that all 38 people who have tested positive identified everyone they had been in contact with and because of that, because there was no unknown source of who still needed to be contacted, they don't have to release the information because there is no risk to the public."

She pressed for more information.

"I did ask specific questions because I had some concerns. We have two nursing homes within our community. I needed to confirm that it was not either one of those two nursing homes, because I have emergency services who are in and out of those buildings quite often. I was guaranteed that they were not the two nursing somes. I was also told that this was not related to an irresponsible social gathering."