600 residents at BMHA's Kenfield Homes without power

Dec 26, 2017

About 600 residents in 80 Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority public housing units at Kenfield Homes are without power, after the failure of a main power switch.

The power went out at around 9 a.m., affecting the entire housing development. Many families and friends relocated residents to their homes while waiting for power to be restored.

The BMHA has brought in portable generators and heaters to the Martha Mitchell Community Center to establish a warming center. It is offering heat, food and beverages for the duration of the outage.

As of 4 p.m., the BMHA said 75 of the 80 units had fully restored power and the authority's "outside high-voltage contractor was continuing to work to get to 100 percent."

This follows a Christmas Day power failure at the Commodore Perry Homes and nearby private homes and businesses blamed on a electrical distribution network fault. A warming station was set up and the Red Cross provided hot meals to those affected.