Accuser's attorney in Kane case quits

Sep 24, 2015

Top defense attorney Tom Eoannou has quit as lawyer for the alleged victim in the Patrick Kane case. He tells WBFO he's concerned that a rape evidence bag delivered to the home of the accuser's mother may have ended up at the home under "suspicious circumstances."

Thomas Eoannou, talking WBFO Thursday night about the latest twist in a controversial case.
Credit Mike Desmond

Eoannou would not elaborate any further. He says he has an ethical requirement to step down when he can't rely on the evidence.

Eoannou says this has nothing to do with the actual case against hockey star Kane, who's accused of a rape in early August in his Hamburg beachfront home.

On Wednesday, Eoannou divulged a shocking development that the mother of the alleged victim found an evidence bag labeled for the case in between her storm door and her front door. He called for an investigation by an outside law enforcement agency not tied to the highly-publicized case.

Credit wbfo

On Thursday night, he announced his withdrawal from the case.

"I believe the manner and means in which it was represented to me that the evidence bag -- which was authentic-- came to my office was inaccurate," he told WBFO. "After my investigation, I decided it was best for me to withdraw."