Activists dicsuss possible changes for Buffalo police

Oct 9, 2020

Last night, Free the People, Western New York held a meeting in the Belle Center to talk about policing and police. Under an order from Governor Cuomo, Buffalo must appoint a task force to study the Police Department and decide on what changes have to be made to update the agency and see how it handles racial issues.

Free the People, Western New York is calling for change in the Buffalo Police Department.
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO

"The percentage of what the Police Department already has when it comes to participatory budgeting is ridiculous in amount," said Free The People Co-founder Christian Parra who would like to see those funds spent on city education.

A familiar critic of the Buffalo Police Department, former officer Cariol Horne, says its essential there be a residency rule for officers.

"Any officers that live in the city, that know the people and not because they have locked them up but because they have formed a relationship with them to help when there is an issue," Horne said.

A residency rule expired with the expiration of the most recent contract between the department and the Police Benevolent Association. Many suburban police agencies operate under residency rules.