Activists Push for Transgender Rights in New York

Albany, NY – Transgender rights advocates continue to fight an uphill battle to receive the same protection as gays in New York.

Four months ago, New York became the 13th state in the nation to outlaw discrimination against homosexuals in employment, housing and education. But transgender people were excluded.

Monday, dozens of activists joined lawmakers to introduce a bill would give transgenders the same rights as gays. Housing advocate Charlie King helped organize the rally.

"Discrimination against transgender people is the number one and leading co-factor for HIV infection," King said. "Discrimination causes homelessness. Discrimination deprives people of the opportunity to make their own way in the world. We need to see it come to an end if we're going to break an end to the AIDS epidemic in this, our state."

Currently, three states and 53 cities and counties in the United States have passed laws protecting transgender rights. But it's unlikely the Republican-controlled State Senate would agree to such a law this year.