Actress Fiona Reid takes on two roles at Shaw Festival

May 28, 2014

Fiona Reid is a veteran of the Shaw Festival and Canadian theater. This year, she's in "The Charity that Begins at Home" and will soon be on stage in "The Sea." She spoke recently with WBFO's Mike Desmond.

Actress Fiona Reid
Credit photo courtesy of Shaw Festival

Reid says its not very hard for her to take on two separate roles at the Shaw Festival

"You create two different houses in your brain," Ried said.

She admits that she expends a lot of energy in dealing with both parts.

"I have to get a quick nap before a I do a four-hour rehersal for the "The Sea."

"I just have to be on my toes, watch what I eat and be careful that I try and get five-six hours of sleep."

Reid first joined the Shaw Festival ensemble in 1983 and has made frequent appearances since. Her list of credits includes extensive work on stage, television and the moves.