Advocates seek extension of GO Trains into USA

Jan 8, 2019

With Ontario's GO Trains network extended to Niagara Falls, Ontario year-round, talk of a 100-yard extension beyond the train station across the Whirlpool Bridge and into the Amtrak station in Niagara Falls, New York is front and center.

Credit TransitToronto.On.Ca

"It would facilitate people crossing the bridge for daily excursions for people from Buffalo wanting to go to Toronto, Toronto wanting to go to Buffalo, tourists who are interested in visiting destination on both sides," said Paul Dyster, mayor of Niagara Falls, New York.

The new train station in Dyster's city was built with extensive space for U.S. Customs but could be used for Canadian Customs if those officers crossed the bridge to check passengers.

"There are precedents with Shared Border Management at other locations, including the Peace Bridge, " Dyster pointed out.

While Dyster is clearly excited about the prospect, he's aware of the work ahead.

"There are some adjustments that we have to make. For example, the Nexus bridge crossing at Whirlpool is not open early enough in the morning to catch the train by crossing the Nexus bridge."