Air passengers should leave extra time for security checks

Nov 25, 2015

If you're among the throngs of travelers who will be in long lines at airport terminals during the holiday, the NFTA's public affairs director is encouraging you to build in extra time for enhanced security.

“The TSA, certainly with what’s going on the world today, will be even more vigilant than they normally are," said Doug Hartmayer. "Maybe taking a little extra time looking through that suitcase, looking through those various carry-on items. So be cognizant of that. Give yourself plenty of time."

Credit WBFO file photo

Air travelers should arrive about 90 minutes before a flight, Hartmayer suggested. He also encouraged passengers to avoid wearing a lot of jewelry or arriving at the terminal with a pocketful of change. He said these are types of things that can cause delays at security checkpoints, especially when the system is struggling to accommodate holiday crowds.

WBFO asked Hartmayer if Buffalo Niagara International Airport has taken extra precautions as a result of the recent terrorist attacks.

“We have implemented extra security measures through our NFTA Police Department, some of which you will see – extra K-9 officers and dogs in the terminal, and some of which you won’t see by the way of plain clothes officers," he replied.

Hartmayer added that security has also been increased along the Metro Bus and Metro Rail lines.