Airport security changes & Homeland Security

Apr 26, 2013

Americans should feel more secure, even with what happened at the Boston Marathon.  That's from Steven MacMartin, former U.S. Customs officer and director of the Homeland Security Program at Medaille College.

MacMartin was lecturing Thursday night at the college's Amherst Campus. He says there are stumbles like the TSA's indecision over whether or not people can take small knives onto airplanes.  MacMartin says in his view they shouldn't.

MacMartin says one lesson for the public is how many surveillance cameras are out there.

"People shouldn't be surprised. I've been telling my students for years now that if they're out in public they should never do anything or say anything they don't want their grandmothers to hear. Because they are all over. Every ATM has a camera looking at you and when it's looking at you they're looking over your shoulder to whatever is happening behind. Most businesses have as many cameras looking outward as looking in. No, they shouldn't be surprised at that," said MacMartin.

MacMartin says he wants to see airport security improved by better training of TSA officers to do psychological profiling of prospective passengers.  He does agree security measures have made flying a hassle because of the long delays, however,he argues you don't have to fly.