Albright-Knox Art launches new exhibition for 150 anniversary

Nov 4, 2011

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is launching a new exhibition to celebrate a big anniversary.

The exhibition is called "The Long Curve: 150 Years of Visionary Collecting", and will feature works by dozens of artists dating back to the late 1800s, including some pieces that were deemed daring and controversial when first released.  

Gallery director Louis Grachos said the exhibition kicks off a landmark year for the history of the Gallery.

"The history of this gallery has a presence not just in Western New York but internationally, and beginning today we launch a massive 18-month celebration of our 150th birthday," said Grachos.

Douglas Dreishpoon, the Gallery's chief curator, said this is not a simple "best of" collection, it's a collection that salutes the visions of the gallery's many donors over the years.

"I feel that what we've been given is an amazing gift that was put together through the minds and eyes of generations of curators and directors who really knew what they were about, what they were doing, how to buy, how to look, how to write and how to research and how to put together a collection that is of completely stellar quality," said Dreishphoon.

Officials also announced a new major partnership with First Niagara.  The banking firm will sponsor the anniversary exhibition as well as other displays coming up in 2012.