Alcoholic ice cream comes to NYS

Jul 11, 2018

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a Senate bill allowing for the sale of beer and hard cider ice cream in New York State. The law (S8830 Chapter 118), sponsored by Sen. James Seward (R-Oneonta), was approved to help New York’s craft beer industry, cider producers and farmers by helping food retailers and restaurants meet the growing demand by consumers for these new dairy products.

“Both the dairy and craft beer/cider industries are key contributors to our agriculture economy," said Seward. "By combing the two, we are able to capitalize on homegrown New York ingredients with the creation of a cool new, innovative product.”

This new law is similar to authorization of wine ice cream, which has been sold and regulated in the state since 2008, according to Seward.

The newly signed measure would limit the percentage of alcohol in ice cream and other frozen desserts to no more than 5 percent of alcohol by volume, prohibit the sale to persons under 21 years of age and require a label that indicates the product contains alcohol.