Allegations of sexual abuse made against several Rochester priests

Jun 6, 2018
Originally published on June 6, 2018 1:30 pm

A Boston attorney was in Rochester Wednesday morning to announce that his firm is representing a group of people who say they were sexually abused by priests in the Rochester Catholic Diocese, during a period of time from 1950 to 1978.  

The lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, who has been prominent for representing victims of sexual abuse by priests and was depicted in the movie Spotlight, is making allegations against 8 priests. Garabedian says the alleged victims are now between the ages of 52 and 77.

The 8 priests the allegations are being made against are:

Fr. G. Stuart Hogan

Fr. Charles J. McCarthy

Fr. Gary P. Shaw

F. Richard J. Orlando

Fr. Thomas J. Valenti

Fr. Eugene Emo

Fr. David P. Simon

Fr. Francis H.Vogt

Allegations previously were made against 3 of those priests, Emo, Simon and Vogt.  The others were accused of abuse publicly for the first time.

oining Garabedian at the news conference in front of Sacred Heart Cathedral today was  Robert Hoatson, who heads up Road To Recovery,an organization that helps victims of sexual abuse.

He called for the Rochester Diocese to be more transparent in how it has been dealing with these priests.

"With resources, with finances, with all of the resources they need to make the truth evident and available and to help people heal, and it takes 17 courageous victims to bring us to the steps of this cathedral  in order for us to get the truth out."

Of the 17 alleged victims, Garabedian says 15 are men two are women.There has been no immediate comment from the Diocese, but a statement is expected later on Wednesday.

This is a developing story; check back later for more details.

James Faluszcak is a former priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie Pennsylvania, and a survivor of clergy sexual abuse:

Attorney Mitchell Garabedian of Boston, MA, says Canon law states that matters of sexual abuse are to be kept secret, but Bishop Salvator Matano has access to those so-called “secret files:"

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