Alleged Wheatfield bomb-maker pleads not guilty

Aug 19, 2015

An accused Wheatfield bomb-making has pleaded not guilty after being indicted on two counts by a federal grand jury.

Michael O'Neill, 45, is charged in connection with manufacturing and possessing a bomb. After an explosion in his parent's garage on Walmore Road last month, O'Neill had to have his leg amputated.

Attorney Joseph LaTona says he'll seek home confinement for Michael O'Neill - if O'Neill is not receiving proper treatment in federal custody.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

Defense Attorney Joseph LaTona raised concerns in court Wednesday morning about the care O'Neill's receiving for his injury.

"What I indicated to the judge, and what I am going to do, is to speak to his treating physician at ECMC. Because, if in fact, this could pose an impediment to his overall recovery, I will be bringing a motion before the court to modify his detention order to release him under some home confinement type situation," said LaTona    

O'Neill was wheeled in for his indictment wearing black and grey prison clothes. LaTona entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

If convicted O'Neill faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine.