Allen Street reconstruction project begins

Mar 11, 2019

The Allen Street Reconstruction Project Phase 1 (Main Street to Delaware Avenue) begins construction Monday. Initial work will focus on utility upgrades, in particular a new waterline, and lane restrictions will be present during the work.

Credit Halvorson Design

Allen Street, which runs through the center of the historic Allentown neighborhood, is most known for its strong artisan and LGBTQ presence and annual Allentown Arts Festival. The city, civil engineering firm Bergmann Associates and Halvorson Design are working together to "radically" redesign the street "to serve the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and an active community," according to Halvorson's website.

"The project reimagines Allen Street as a complete street with improved edges, increased safety and clearly defined travel ways to improve traffic flow. Movable bollards will be installed along the raised parking lane to allow flexible use with the street’s busy event schedule. The City will be able to easily limit parking on one or both sides of the street to accommodate farmer’s markets, art shows or parade routes. Other complete street features will include improved pedestrian crossings, new street trees, permeable pavement and furnishings that make Allen Street a pleasant environment for all users."

Credit Halvorson Design