Amigone pulls application for crematory relocation

Nov 1, 2012

The proposal to put a crematory near Sheridan Park in the Town of Tonawanda has been pulled back because of community opposition.

An alliance of the Clean Air Coalition and neighbors near the present site on Sheridan Drive have expressed vocal opposition to the operation, which first opened in 1991, citing odors, smoke in the air and particulate matter falling on their properties.  Amigone agreed in July to a six-month suspension of operations while seeking a new site.

Crematory smokestack as seen from the backyard of a resident near the Sheridan Drive Amigone
Credit Eileen Buckley/WBFO News

Now, CEO Vincent Amigone says the company has pulled back the application to the Erie County Legislature to start operation at a new site near Sheridan Park, citing neighborhood pushback.

"We don't feel comfortable locating it there, at this point," Amigone told WBFO News. "We just felt in the best interest of the neighbors and everybody else, we just didn't want to put it there right now."

That new site was slated to go before the Legislature next week.

Amigone says the company is studying its options. He says there are seven other crematories in the region and the family-owned funeral home chain will be able to provide the service for families who seek it.