Another Democrat lines up against Collins

Jan 20, 2018

The race for the 27th Congressional District continues to draw attention by both major parties.

This week, Democrat Joan Elizabeth Seamans joined the race. At this point that makes three Democrats and two Republicans who are all challenging incumbent Chris Collins. Seamans recognizes that this makes for a crowded race, but she does believe that a bipartisan approach will set her apart from her fellow Democrats.

"I think we all share the same values. Really, for the most part, we share the same values, the Democrats that are running. But, I think the difference is who can communicate the best and really represent and also be able to, I'm going to say, pull in Republicans that understand that I am a voice that will listen to them and not be so hard-lined on so many issues."

Seamans is a Williamsville business woman, and she emphasized her connection to the community as a strength. She hopes to appeal to donors nationwide in combating the sizable war chest that Chris Collins has accrued.

She plans to model her fundraising approach on that of Democrat Doug Jones who recently surprised the country by winning an Alabama Senate seat.