Another shutdown possible as COVID-19 cases spike in Ontario

Sep 15, 2020

Some of Ontario’s hospitals are sounding the alarm bells after the province recorded its highest number of COVID-19 cases in several months. Premier Doug Ford has not ruled out another shutdown after what he described as a disturbing spike in infections.


The number of virus cases have been trending upward in Ontario over the past several days. There were more than 200 on Saturday and Sunday and more than 300 on Monday.
 That latest case count, according to premier Doug Ford is cause for concern.    "Let me be crystal clear. Every option is on the table. We will take every step necessary, including further shutdowns," Ford said. "In a second wave of COVID-19, it’s a scenario that we’ve been preparing for all summer long.” The hotspots continue to be Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa, which together accounted for more than 70% of the new cases. Health officials said it is not so much bars and restaurants where new cases are popping up, but at private social gatherings. Ford pleaded for them to stop. Health Minister Christine Elliott said she does not want to move Ontario back to Stage Two, but will if it becomes necessary. That would mean tighter limits on social gatherings and no indoor dining. Elliott added that any return to earlier restrictions might take place with a regional approach, rather than the entire province. Meanwhile, some hospitals in Toronto are concerned about the increase in hospitalizations linked to the coronavirus. The province’s hospital association is warning that Ontario’s progress in limiting the spread of the virus is slipping away.