Arrest warrant issued for Michael Cremen

Oct 14, 2020

An arrest warrant has been issued for the man at the center of a racially-charged incident on Hertel Avenue in August. Michael Cremen, 47, of Franklinville failed to show up for his arraignment for a second time Wednesday morning. 

Buffalo City Court
Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

He was initially charged with menacing, harassment, and criminal possession after threatening protestors in North Buffalo.

Cremen was originally due to appear in court on Oct. 8, but failed to show. Despite last week’s no-show, City Court Judge Barbara Johnson-Lee did not issue an arrest warrant citing the citing the lack of “relevant credible evidence” for the warrant. In an email supposedly sent by Cremen to District Attorney John Flynn’s office, Cremen said he would not come to court if he had to wear a mask or if others in court were wearing masks.