Attack places spotlight on school bus aides

Nov 27, 2015

The attack on a Buffalo school student on a school bus by other students is re-opening the debate about bus aides.

Credit WBFO News File Photo

The bus carrying the nine-year-old student did not have an aide, as many buses don't, only a driver.The fifth-graders involved face a long-term suspension.

The school system has long had trouble attracting and keeping aides.
"A lot of the bus aides that I remember were just terrible," said County Legislator Patrick Burke.

"I remember one was a drug dealer. Our bus was shot at because of this guy. One guy would sit on us, a very large man, if he didn't think we were acting right. It would just crush us. I didn't think of it until today. That was abuse."

Burke says it hits closer to home because he has a nine-year-old son riding a yellow bus to school.

The incident is likely to be a major issue at the school board meeting on Wednesday and at the Common Council on December 8.