Attorney dismisses report of 'no evidence of hazing' in Buff State student's death

Feb 23, 2016

A published report Tuesday suggests police are finding no evidence of hazing in last week's death of a Buffalo State College student. However, the attorney for Bradley Doyley's family dismisses the report and says the investigation is only getting started.

The Buffalo News article, citing unnamed police sources, indicates that investigators found no evidence following an autopsy that the cause of Doyley's death last Thursday could be linked to alleged hazing activities at an off-campus fraternity gathering.

Bradley Doyley passed away on February 19. An investigation is underway as to the cause of his death, which happened following an off-campus fraternity gathering.
Credit courtesy Buffalo State College Athletics

Doyley, who was pledging with the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha, was reportedly given polluted water to drink during the pledge process. 

Attorney John Elmore, who is representing Doyley's family, told WBFO late Tuesday morning that he met with Buffalo Police Department homicide detectives who are investigating the case.

"They told me they don't have a clue who these unnamed sources are," Elmore said. 

Elmore told WBFO he has turned over evidence relevant to the case and says the probe is still in a very early stage.

"There's a lot to do," he said. "In a homicide investigation, there's a lot of things that people have to do. They have to look at eyewitness testimony, forensic analysis of a phone, forensic analysis of a Facebook account, of a computer. They're at the very, very beginning."

Elmore and his law office are exploring civil action on behalf of the victim's family following the conclusion of the criminal case.

The day after Doyley's death, the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha was suspended by both Buffalo State College and its national headquarters. 

Doyley, 21, was from Brooklyn and was formerly a member of Buffalo State's men's basketball team.