Authorities bust major heroin pipeline to Jamestown

Jul 31, 2014

A major narcotics pipeline has been eliminated in Jamestown. Forty-seven people have been charged in a drug distribution network that funneled heroin from Philadelphia and New York City to Jamestown.

Jamestown Police
Credit WBFO News file photo

City of Jamestown Chief of Police Harry Snellings says the individuals allegedly involved have been charged with conspiracy, drug possession, distribution, and sale charges.

“We had arrests made in Binghamton, New York City, Puerto Rico, and throughout parts of Chautauqua and Cattaraugus County,” said Snellings.

Snellings says in addition to the arrests, police seized more than 3,000 baggies of heroin worth an estimated $60,000 on the street.

“We actually initiated search warrants related to this case back in March. Some of those initial search warrants yielded over $30,000 in cash, prescription pills, a hand gun and a long gun,” said Snellings.

Snellings says many of the drugs were transported in a canister underneath a 1999 Chevy Astro van. The investigation was called “Operation Horseback.” It included undercover operations, and hundreds of hours of covert surveillance and wiretaps. The take-down was part of a multi-agency investigation led by New York State Police, Jamestown Police, the Department of Homeland Security and the US Border Patrol.

One of the individuals named in the 159-count indictment is accused of selling suboxone strips to a woman who allegedly smuggled them into the Gowanda Correctional Facility. Authorities say another person sold heroin to patients in rehab. Snellings says eliminating the pipeline helps make the community a safer place to live and work.

“I think everybody’s aware of the prevalence of heroin and how it’s becoming such an issue in many communities, not just the City of Jamestown, but throughout our region and I guess you can even say nationally. So, for a short term I think it will address some of the issues here, but unfortunately as we all know there’s always people who are willing to step in and pick up where they left off, ” said Snellings.

Charged in the Chautauqua County indictment are:

Alberto Alicea, 54, of Brooklyn

Neftali Benitez, aka “Tego”, 33, of Jamestown

Bryan Bobe, 25, of Jamestown

Charles Brown, aka “Choco Loco”, 42, of Falconer

Stephen Bush, 33, of Jamestown

Hector Cameron, aka “Loco”, 31, of Jamestown

Javier Carasquillo, aka “Oreja”, 43, of Jamestown

Neftali Cintron, aka “Pucho”, 51, of Jamestown

Hector Colon Rodriguez , aka “Chino”, 40, of Jamestown

Ivan DeJesus Pena, 45, of Jamestown

Luis DeJesus, aka “Papito”, 29, of Jamestown

Alfredo Diaz, aka “Ding Dong”, 51, of Jamestown

Samantha DiLallo, 26, of Randolph

Carlos Echiaverria, aka “Boobie”, 31, of Jamestown

Carlos Encarnacion, 59, of Jamestown

Roberto Figueredo, aka “Bost”, 25

Joseph Fontanez, 24, of Jamestown

Christopher Freeney, 43, of Jamestown

Luis Garcia, aka “Wichie”, 42, of Jamestown

Rolando Garcia, 50, of Jamestown

John Grilla, 28, of Jamestown

Jose Guevara, aka “Pun”, 29, of Jamestown

Angelita Guzman, aka “Michelle”, 28, of Jamestown

Francisco Guzman Gonzalez, 46, of Jamestown

Michael Lisciandro, aka “Dougie”, 23, of Jamestown

Moises Lopez-Encarnacion, aka “Junito”, 22, of Mayville

Luis Lozada Berberena, aka “Wiso”, 40, of Jamestown

Eric M. Lundsten, 29, of Ellington

Roberto Morales-Sanchez, aka “Pichulin”, 45, of Jamestown

Jean Noriega, aka “John”, 43

Frank Orazio, 24, of Cassadaga

LaShawn Paige, 42, of Binghamton

Doris Ramos, 25, of Jamestown

Ricardo Ramos, 27, of Jamestown

Jonathan Ribbing, 27, of Lakewood

Eddie Robles, aka “Nelson”, 49, of Jamestown

Leslie Rodriguez, 28, of Jamestown

Randall Rolison, 51, of Jamestown

Olga Santiago, 49, of Jamestown

Jesus Javier Suarez, 44, of Jamestown

Enrique Torres-Baez, aka “Quique”, 43, of Jamestown

James Torres, aka “BK”, 42, of Jamestown

Damaris Urena, 35, of Jamestown

Francis Vega, aka “Pollo”, 37

Edwin Velasquez, 53, of Falconer

Joshua Van Ord, 20, of Lakewood

Walter Westerdahl, 33, of Jamestown