Baker Victory Services looks within for new CEO

May 8, 2019

Baker Victory Services has a new CEO. Former Chief Clinical Officer and Director of Education Cindy Lee has been appointed head of Western New York's sixth-largest human services organization.

Credit Baker Victory Services

Lee will be in charge of more than 1,000 Baker Victory employees who serve adults, children and their families through the organization's residential, educational, developmental disabilities, foster care and specialized therapy programs.

“After vetting more than a dozen exceptionally capable internal and external candidates, Cindy’s experience and understanding of the nuances of the business proved that she was the right person for the job,” said Board Chair Patrick O’Leary. “The Board is confident that Cindy’s business acumen and clinical understanding of the services we provide will allow BVS to move in a positive direction that enables the organization to grow and thrive.”

Lee previously served in various executive roles at the Cantalician Center for Learning, a program director/prinicpal at Westbrook Preparatory School, a middle school principal for the Greece Central School District and Superintendent of Schools for the Le Roy Central School District.