Bank shame campaign now online

Feb 12, 2016

Despite the Buffalo area's resurgence, thousands of  "zombie properties" continue dragging down neighborhoods. Because of that, Assemblyman Michael Kearns is stepping up his Bank Shame Campaign.

Credit WNY Law Center

For months, Kearns has been posting signs in front of abandoned homes identifying the bank responsible. But with more than 2,000 foreclosed properties in Erie County alone, he says it's time to use every resource available.

"We have a major issue and a major problem. We have people calling, that want signs up, that want to shame the banks. They want to participate in this process. So, in order to expedite the process, we decided to create the Shame Real Estate website where people can look and see where the properties are at," Kearns said.   
In Erie County alone, Kearns says, properties stuck with an incomplete foreclosure total nearly $200 million worth of assessed value.