Bankrupt CCS Oncology & CCS Medical closing Apr. 27

Apr 19, 2018

The financially troubled CCS Oncology health care organization will be closing down its operations next week.

CCS Oncology and CCS Medical, its non-oncology branch, began sending letters to patients Thursday telling them of the closure, effective April 27. 

The organization recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization protection. It allowed the firm to continue caring for patients. At the time, CEO Dr. Sam Yi said in a statement that the move "will position CCS for success in the future."

However, CCS is under federal investigation regarding possible Medicaid fraud and millions of dollars in unpaid taxes to federal and state coffers and vendors. It also is in deep debt to Bank of America, which was granted a court order to repossess CCS assets.

Physicians and patients have been leaving the practice since the turmoil began.