Basil pleads not guilty to Molly's Pub attack

Jul 25, 2014

Former Molly's Pub manager Jeffrey Basil has been arraigned in connection with the attack that seriously injured William Sager Jr. in May.

Prosecutors allege Basil pushed Sager down a flight of stairs inside the bar May 11. The 28-year-old Air National Guardsmen suffered a serious head injury has been in a coma at ECMC ever since.

Jeffrey Basil pleaded not guilty to multiple charges relating to the attack on William Sager Jr. at Molly's Pub in May.
Credit WBFO News file photo

Basil pleaded not guilty Friday to Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Assault and Tampering with Evidence.

Bail was set at $75,000. Basil's attorney, Joel Daniels, said he expects his client will make bail and be released later today.

If convicted, Basil could face up to 25 years in prison.