Baskin: more needs to be done in zip codes most affected by COVID-19

Apr 16, 2020

Citing a lack of leadership at the federal level, Erie County Legislative Chairwoman April Baskin says the county is taking further initiative to help those most affected by COVID-19.

After meeting with the county health department late last week, Baskin, on Monday, submitted a resolution calling for the creation of a drive-up coronavirus test site on Buffalo’s East Side. Because of the socioeconomic conditions of those neighborhoods, Baskin said they are most in need of direct attention.

“The reality of people of color that are low-income,” she said. “Having pre-existing health conditions because of the environment they live in, being the first on the front lines of victims who could contract the virus was also a huge concern. So we were dealing with different levels and different conversations all around.”

Baskin also submitted a resolution asking the NFTA to create a transit pass for essential workers. She is also asking the state to provide specific COVID-19 racial data on a regular basis, so the county can stay up to date with it’s healthcare measures.