Batavia earns financial boost for downtown development

Oct 7, 2017

What can $10 million do to revitalize a city's downtown? The residents of Batavia are going to find out.

Judges with the state's Downtown Revitalization Initiative chose Batavia's plan as the best of those submitted for the Finger Lakes region. Governor Andrew Cuomo explains that the money is being allocated to cities that have identified specific needs and comprehensive plans for revitalizing their economic cores.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Credit WBFO File Photo / WBFO

"Part of the strategy is the state can get its house in order, but then, the local community has to participate, and the local community has to design their own destiny and their own business plan. And it has to happen in a regional context."

The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council used 8 criteria in reviewing a number of proposals before recommending Batavia's plan to the state.

The winnings are targeted for improving the city's downtown economic and cultural presence.