Batavia's Alpina Foods has closed

Jan 22, 2019

A Genesee County yogurt business has closed. According to the Genesee County Economic Development Center, Alpina Foods closed due to the loss of a co-packaging contract.

The Daily News in Batavia reported that the company employed 25-35 people. There was no immediate comment from the company.

Credit Alpina Foods

The maker of yogurt products had announced an expansion in 2016 to its existing operation at the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park. It's products include Avena, Dulce De Leche, Greek Yogurt, Greek Yogurt with Granola and Lowfat Smoothie.

The Genesee County Economic Development Center issued a statement saying that while news of the closure is “extremely disappointing,” GCEDC will work to market and promote the facility to other agricultural businesses.

The economic development agency notes that they took that approach with a former yogurt manufacturing site, which resulted in bringing HP Hood to the community, and the agency is confident it will have similar success with the Alpina Foods facility.

The Economic Development Center said it will work with public and private sector partners to help displaced workers.