'Behind The Bench': Sabres trade deadline deals

Mar 5, 2015

The NHL trade deadline was somewhat of a distraction for some members of the Buffalo Sabres.  In this week's 'Behind the Bench', WBFO'S Eileen Buckley fills in for Omar Fetouh speaking with Sabres Beat reporter Bill Hoppe.

Sabres practice at Harborcenter Wednesday.
Credit Photo from Bill Hoppe's Twitter feed.

Hoppe attended Sabres practice Wednesday. WBFO News asked Hoppe what the mood of the team since the NHL trade deadline.

"I think some of the guys leaving hit some of the guys hard even though they knew it was coming," said Hoppe.

The Sabres were shut out Tuesday night against Tampa. I think one thing about this team -- it was a pretty tight-knit group and I think that as helped them get through a lot of this," said Hoppe. Now they have a lot of new faces and the flip side of these guys leaving is four or five six guys have the opportunity of a career."

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