Belton-Cottman re-appointed as president of the Buffalo Board of Education

Jul 2, 2020

Sharon Belton-Cottman has been re-appointed the president of the Buffalo Board of Education. West District member Jennifer Mecozzi was also nominated for the position, but failed to garner enough votes to take the president’s position.

Sharon Belton-Cottman serves the Ferry District.
Credit Buffalo Public Schools

The re-appointment came through an inner-board vote in their re-organizing meeting Wednesday night. Belton-Cottman said she’s grateful to continue in the position as the board looks to address educational inequity in the coming school year.

“The board members decided it was important to keep consistency in the position considering the perilous times we have, and the political climate we are currently in,” Belton-Cottman said in the virtual board meeting. “This is not a reflection of any board member, or any particular person, it is in regards to the relationship that exists between the board president, the superintendent, and the staff members in this district.”

This is Belton-Cottman’s second term heading the Board of Education, and she’s served on the board as the Ferry District representative since 2011.

In other appointments, Park District member Lou Petrucci was appointed Vice President of Executive Affairs, while Kathy Evans Brown of the East District was appointed Vice President for Student Achievement. Both are new to the positions.