Bethlehem Steel Sign Donated to Museum

Lackawanna, NY – The historic Bethlehem Steel sign that once hung on the administrative building off Route 5 was donated to Lackawanna's Steel Plant Museum Wednesday.

You might not even realize it, but the Steel Plant Museum is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It's currently located in the basement of the Lackawanna Public Library on Ridge Road.

But its president, James Carey, says he and other volunteers have big plans for the future. That's why yesterday's donation of the mammoth Bethlehem Steel sign by the plant's current owner, ArcelorMittal, was so symbolic. There's no room to display the sign now. But Carey says they're working on changing that by building a stand-alone museum to accommodate large items.

Carey says his father and grandfathers worked at Bethlehem Steel when it was thriving decades ago. So, when he returned to his native region last year, Carey says he became interested in promoting the Steel Plant Museum. He says it currently displays smaller items such as the helmets and uniforms the workers once wore as well as old photographs.