Beware extreme discounts on Cyber Monday

Nov 25, 2018

Black Friday was only the beginning of holiday deals. Many experts are expecting Cyber Monday customers to spend more than $7 billion this year in total.

But with consumers looking for the best deals in a timely manner, several risks arise.

Pamela Springer is president and CEO of ORIS Intelligence, a company that works with brands to help enforce online pricing through authorized retailers and uncover unauthorized online sales.

Springer says buyers should be cautious when seeing discounted prices online.

"Many times, aggressive sellers go lower, lower and lower," Springer said. "If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

"If it's a really low price, it screams counterfeit. You really need to make sure it comes from an authorized seller. Go to the brand's website. Many times they have authorized retailers listed on their sites."

Springer says it’s important to ensure that if there is a post-sale issue, a retailer will be there to handle it.