Beyond the Playbook: Bills face a new and improved Miami

Nov 6, 2015

The Buffalo Bills face the Miami Dolphins Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  In our latest edition of Beyond the Playbook, Football Analyst Matt Sabuda says the Bills need to stay healthy and improve Quarterback Tyrod Taylor's performance if they stand any chance of turning the season around.

WBFO's Jay Moran spoke with Sabuda about the game in this week's "Beyond the Playbook."

"The Bills are getting back a lot of their healthy players after a much needed week of rest but their going to need to stay healthy if they have any hope of resurrecting their season," notes Sabuda in this week's Beyond the Playbook. "That starts first and foremost with Tyrod Taylor.

Sabuda notes Taylor needs to make some improvements though, including making the right decisions about when it comes to running the ball.

"Taylor has some astounding speed and is often going to be tempted to take off with the ball when he doesn't see an open receiver," says Sabuda. "I have a feeling the coaches are going to be working with him to use that mobility more as a compliment and focus on improving his patience and vision and working through his available receiving options."

Sabuda notes there have been coaching changes in Miami since the Bills earlier win against the Dolphins this season, adding the two teams now both have a 3-4 record. Sabuda notes the Bills need to study recent game films to ensure they pick up what changes Miami has made.