Beyond the Playbook: Bills try to get healthy against the Titans

Oct 9, 2015

Coming off a disappointing loss to the New York Giants, the Bills (2-2) hit the road looking for a win Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. "The Bills really need to get off to a good start without sloppy play calling and execution," said analyst Matt Sabuda on WBFO's Beyond the Playbook.

"Because the formula for both losses for the Bills had them coming out slow."

As Sabuda sees it, those stumbling starts "led to a lot of frustration, lack of discipline, playing from behind which the Bills have yet to master."

With their two top running backs injured and unlikely to play, the Bills need to find a path to victory against an improved opponent.

"It starts with rookie Titans standout quarterback Marcus Mariota. Through his first three games, talk about some history here, Mariota is tied for the most touchdown passes with eight and is among the top ten in NFL history for quarterback rating," Sabuda said.

"The Bills experienced defense, though, really should have the edge against Mariota as a rookie."

The Titans enjoy the advantage of added rest after coming off their bye week.  

"At the end of the day, though, this is another game, another test, the Bills should pass if they're a team that's for real."