Beyond the Playbook: Patriots set the bar for the Bills

Sep 30, 2016

With the loss of key players due to injury and suspension, the New England Patriots appear to be vulnerable as they get ready to host the Bills on Sunday. It's an an opportunity the Bills must seize, says analyst Matt Sabuda, who believes a loss would  show "players, ownership and fans that this team is still light years behind the Patriots."

While Sunday's game against the undefeated Patriots can be viewed as a measure of the progress---or lack, thereof---of the Bills organization, there is also another more practical element.

"If the Bills win, they'll get a critical AFC East win putting them one game back of the Patriots at the quarter season mark," Sabuda said.

"And on the flip side, a loss will put them at 0-2 in the division which would be a very difficult hole to climb out of."