Beyond the Playbook: Penalties plague Bills in loss to Giants

Oct 5, 2015

While some argue that the Bills new aggressive attitude is behind the team’s penchant for penalties, analyst Matt Sabuda isn’t buying it.

“It’s not being aggressive when the Bills are taking holding penalties or false starts. It’s simply a lack of discipline,” Sabuda said on Monday morning's Beyond The Playbook.  

For the game, the Bills were flagged 17 times. Two touchdowns were wiped out because of penalties. Another special teams infraction extended a Giants drive which ended in a touchdown.

The penalties weren’t the only problem.

“Tyrod Taylor came crashing back to Earth this week with a total quarterback rating of 16.6 out of a possible 100,” Sabuda added.

“Taylor was two of his first ten passes and a lot of those came, really, from drops. Too many of those drops slipped through the hands of tight end Charles Clay."

Sabuda says the Bills' defensive line was not a factor in the contest.

“The defensive line was downright invisible. Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes, couldn’t reach Eli Manning with any kind of pressure. Marcell Dareus, Kyle Williams absolutely pushed around at the line of scrimmage,” Sabuda said.

The Bills have now lost two of their three home games, though Sabuda says that’s no reason to panic.

“If they are any kind of team we expect them to be, they’ll rebound this week with a strong performance,” Sabuda said.

“We’ll put this loss behind them, and hopefully the fan base does as well.”