'Beyond the Playbook': A rough game for Bills fans

Nov 10, 2014

The Buffalo Bills 17-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs leaves the Bills in a very difficult position when it comes to the playoffs. 

Matt Sabuda notes the Bills made three mistakes that lead to their demise yesterday at Ralph Wilson Stadium, including two fumbles and a false start.

Buffalo Bills
Credit WBFO News File Photo

"The loss puts them in a really difficult position moving forward with the playoffs as all four of their losses are conference losses."  Sabuda adds, "and further, they're not just conference losses.  They find themselves in a position, they're going to be battling these teams potentially late in the season.  They probably will be right there in the mix, if they're fortunate, with Kansas City, San Diego, potentially Houston.  Unfortunately, these are all teams they've lost to, so they lose that head to head tiebreaker. Going into this quarter of the schedule, I really felt they needed to go 3-1 or potentially 4-0 to have a really good shot at making the playoffs in the last four games.  Unfortunately, yesterday they just gave that game away and it may cost them by the end of the season.

Next up for the Bills, they take on the Dolphins in Miami on Thursday night.  Sabuda says he hates to call it a must win, but he notes it's close with both teams clinging to playoff hopes.