Bids due Feb. 4 for $4M in stadium repairs

Jan 18, 2021

The Orchard Park football stadium that held 6,700 fans on Saturday will look a little different when the Buffalo Bills eventually return there in late summer. Erie County has bid documents on the street for around $4 million in repair and renovations to start after the season ends.

Bids are due Feb. 4. The repairs are part of the 10-year lease for the facility.

Erie County Public Works Commissioner William Geary said there are no big projects.

"There’s concurrent operations. It might be some mechanical and plumbing work, might be some site work like minor stuff in the parking lot, the painting, some of the doors may need replacing, exterior doors or interior doors, some of the signage, updating all the signage and things of that nature," Geary said. "So a lot of the disciplines that will be working out there will be able to simultaneously work and not get in each other’s way."

Geary said this off-season work is frequently hard to schedule because of the need to do it when the team isn’t there, but also much of the work can’t be done in winter’s cold weather. That’s why prospective contractors get to walk through the stadium and see how difficult work will be.