Bill aims to increase number of green homes built in state

Jun 4, 2013

A bill has passed in the Senate that aims to increase the number green homes built in New York State. The bill would give municipalities the power to grant a tax exemption to have a green home built in their locale.

Green home
Credit Natale Builders

The green homes initiative will give people planning to build a home a 35% tax credit for 20 years, but their architectural plan would have to meet the National Association of Home Builders and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards first.

Senator Mark Grisanti says the legislation is expected to make it cheaper for people to own environmentally-friendly homes.

“They're amazing. These houses have no electric or gas bill, so if you can imagine that, they use geothermal technology in the for heating and they use solar for the electric. As a matter of fact, in the development, they have mini windmills that run the street lights and the landscaping lights for the development,” said Grisanti.

Virtual rendering of the windmill that illuminates street lights
Credit / Natale Builders

Grisanti says the legislation is also expected to create jobs for home builders and provide a boost to the upstate housing market, as the homes are increasing in popularity.

Virtual green home with geothermal heating
Credit / Natale Builders

“If people tour these type of homes they would be amazed. I went into one of these houses where the gentlemen there said 'Do you smell any paint?' and I said 'no.' He took me into a room and he goes, 'We just painted this room an hour and a half ago.' Even the paint content doesn’t have that odor,” said Grisanti.

The bill will be voted on in the state Assembly next.