Bills All-Pro cornerback Tre’Davious White opts in to play 2020 NFL season

Aug 6, 2020

Bills fans have been holding their breath for the past few days after hearing All-Pro Cornerback Tre-Davious White was considering opting out of the 2020 season. Now it's offical White will play after stating Wednesday he was undecided.  


Credit Buffalo Bills

Optimism for the Buffalo Bills is the highest it has been in decades. A young quarterback with upside, new star receiver and Tom Brady out of the division has fans thinking of a playoff run.

With White being a key component to the Bills success, some fans lashed out at White on Twitter for contemplating sitting the season out.

In a tweet early Thursday morning White said “so called fans” attacked him and called him selfish.

White is scheduled to earn $1.84 million this season. If he had opted out, he would get an advance of $150,000 from his next year’s salary, sacrificing over 90 percent of this years income.

White will be entering the fourth-year of his rookie contract, with an expected big payday coming sooner than later.