Bills GM thinks Incognito accusation involved a 'misunderstanding'

Jan 9, 2018

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane says the team is taking an accusation that offensive lineman Richie Incognito used racist slurs in Sunday's playoff game seriously.

Beane, speaking Tuesday at his end-of-year press conference with head coach Sean McDermott, said there was an exchange between Incognito and Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, who made the accusation on Twitter following the game, which the Jaguars won 10-3.

Beane says while the team is still gathering facts, he believes there was a misunderstanding between the players involved.

"We have spoken to Richie and we understand his side of the story. I know Richie is trying to reach out to the other young man that was involved. From what I understand, there was a little bit of on-the-field stuff back and forth," Beane said.

"There was definitely an exchange. I think there was misunderstanding of what was said."

Beane said he has spoken with the NFL, which is investigating the claim. In the tweet, Ngakoue accused Incognito of using "weak racist slurs." Some of Incognito's teammates have said they heard no such slurs, but Ngakoue had stood by his comment.

Incognito was suspended for eight games in the 2013 season when he was a member of the Miami Dolphins for bullying teammate Jonathan Martin with racist and homophobic language. He has since worked to rehabilitate his image.

Incognito has not made any public statement about Sunday's accusation.