Bills rank fourth in poll of New Yorkers' favorite sports teams

Apr 1, 2016

When it comes to statewide popularity among New York sports fans, the Buffalo Bills don’t hold a candle to the Yankees or the Mets. That’s according to a new survey from the Siena Research Institute, whose latest poll shows the Yankees continue to be the most popular team in the state.

“Statewide, the New York Yankees are the number one team. Twenty-two percent of all New Yorkers say that the Yankees are their favorite team,” said Siena Research Director Don Levy. 

The Bills are the fourth most popular team in New York, according to a new poll.
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The Bills ranked fourth on the list with 8% of those polled saying the Bills are their favorite team, behind the New York Giants and just ahead of the New York Jets. At that percentage, Levy said this is highest ranking the Bills have had in Siena’s poll. Levy said the Bills' popularity continues to grow

“Among Upstaters, and that includes everybody from Albany out to Buffalo, the Yankees and the Bills are tied. Twenty percent of all Upstaters say that the Buffalo Bills are their favorite team, tied with the New York Yankees,” said Levy.

Levy said 2% of those surveyed statewide and 5% of upstate residents said the Buffalo Sabres are their favorite sports team.

Despite the popularity of the Yankees and recent success of the Mets, football is still king among professional sports in the state. Levy says one-third of those polled favor football, while 25% prefer baseball. So can baseball still be considered the “National Pastime?”

“It’s hard to say that really.” Levy said. “A third of those who say they are sports fans pick football. Baseball is still the favorite of many at 20% overall but quite clearly and again and again, we see more people saying that football, more so than baseball, is their favorite sport.”