Bills sale may benefit Buffalo in a big way

Oct 7, 2014

Money from the $1.4 billion sale of the Buffalo Bills will go to the Ralph C. Wilson Junior Foundation. The Buffalo News reports that the late Bills owner directed the foundation to focus spending on his hometown of Detroit and his football hometown of Buffalo.  Local funders are saying that amount of money could fast-track progress in the area.

Western New York Foundation Executive Director Beth Gosh says historically the Ralph C. Wilson Junior Foundation has funded a variety of non profits, from those working with children and the elderly to the disabled, research, education and much more.  Gosh notes the foundation has been doing good work in impoverished areas.

Ralph Wilson

"I hope that they're going to work with some of these organizations in the distressed areas and really strengthen their core infrastructure...I think there's a lot of potential to strengthen a lot of non-profits in the community," said Gosh.

Gosh adds in 2013, the Wilson Foundation funded grants totaling $1.6 million, $600,000 of that was in the Buffalo area.