Bishop Malone joining colleagues for discussions in Albany

Mar 15, 2016

Catholic bishops from across New York are gathering in Albany today, for meetings with the governor and legislative leaders. 

Bishop Richard Malone believes Catholic teachings on social issues provide support for a minimum wage increase.
Credit WBFO News File Photo

The Catholic church is usually considered a powerful interest group in state politics, although that may have waned somewhat in recent years as shown by losing on the gay marriage issue.

However, Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone says most of the bishops are likely aligned with Governor Cuomo on his proposed increase in the minimum wage.

"In Catholic social teaching, justice and equity for everyone, for all worker is an important principle for us. Of course, I know there are differences of opinion on that," Malone said. 

"We have eight dioceses in New York state and I have not discussed this with my other seven diocesan bishops, so where everybody is, I don't know."

Malone says the current minimum wage doesn't meet people's needs. The bishop says immigration is an issue locally in talks in Albany because Catholic Charities has placed so many refugees here and it has enriched the Catholic community and changed it.