Bisons pitch new features for 2014 season

Mar 25, 2014

The Buffalo Bisons open the new baseball season in a little more than a week, with new food options ready to go for fans.

Inside Pettibone's Monday, the team was showing off some new food items for this season. Outside, a new 120-speaker sound system was being tested and new message boards were being readied. 

General Manger Mike Buczkowski says steady customers "actually pick out some of the new food items."

"We're also a food company. We're owned by Rich Products Corporation, which is a food company, and, so, we lean on their expertise. We're able to see the trends across others stadiums and arenas. You know, the days of only being able to get a hot dog and a beverage at a ball park, those days are long gone."

At the same time, Buczkowski says some food items are still there from the original Opening Day, like Sahlen's hot dogs and Budweiser beer. For this year, it's chicken tacos, lots of macaroni and cheese and Hamburg Brewing Company craft beers.

While new food items will be ready for next week Bisons' opener, the field could use a warming trend.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

Opening Day is next Thursday and Buczkowski admits he's watching the weather forecasts, hoping for a warming trend. The field currently has permafrost a few inches down, preventing groundskeepers  from dragging the infield or the warning track.