Black Friday being pushed in Ontario

Nov 19, 2012

Friday is a work day in Canada, but Black Friday being pushed in Ontario.  Black Friday is said to be the day when shopping the day after American Thanksgiving turns corporate books from red ink to black ink.

Black Friday draws Canadian shoppers from miles away and that's why some Canadian malls, like Toronto's Eaton Center, will be open well before dawn and awaiting shoppers.

David Soberman, professor of marketing at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, says Canadian shoppers are heading south with their strong Canadian dollars.

"The stronger Canadian dollar has made it more attractive for people to go across the border to do their shopping.  There's also been a shift in the customs regulations which allow people to bring in more product than they used to. And, on top of that, I think  the economic situation has meant that there are some pretty good deals to be had," said Soberman.

Soberman said Canadian operators opening early and staying open late will grab some business which might have been spent over the border.