Board says it fired LehrerDance artistic director

Feb 23, 2018

The LehrerDance Board of Directors broke their silence on the abrupt shutdown of the contemporary dance company. The board issued a statement Thursday evening in response to the closing. 

The board said they fired Jon Lehrer as its artistic director as of February 7.  Lehrer, a Queens native, founded the dance company in Buffalo in 2007. The statement also indicates the board is reviewing the company's financial situation.

Lehrer dancers rehearsing last May.
Credit WBFO News file photo by Eileen Buckley

The statement was issued to WBFO in an email after we reported Thursday morning that the company shut down with no explanation.

Here is the full content of the email we received Thursday evening:

Dear Eileen,

The Board of LehrerDance terminated John Lehrer as its artistic director as of February 7.  The Board, in consultation with its attorneys and accountants, is in the process of determining the organization’s financial status but has declared a halt to all operations of the company.  In the next few weeks, Board members will be reaching out to the company’s creditors, supporting foundations and friends.  We will comment further when the situation clarifies, but for now, LehrerDance has ceased operations.

This will be our only comment at this time.


The Board of Directors