Bomb squad evacuates Niagara Falls neighborhood

Mar 26, 2020

A residential evacuation continued Thursday near Cedar Avenue and Third Street in Niagara Falls. New York State Police believed explosives may have been stored in a local home.

The State Police Bomb Disposal Unit remained in the neighborhood, after beginning the evacuation Wednesday night.

Niagara Falls Police and the Niagara County Sheriff's Office were also working at the scene, after a search warrant was issued for the home of Jose Gandia, 47.

Wednesday morning, Gandia was stopped by state police on the Thruway, and after a confrontation that injured two troopers, the Thruway was closed for several hours between Hamburg and Silver Creek.

An investigation into that event led to the evacuation, which state police called "a precaution in an ongoing investigation." The Red Cross was assisting people who were affected.

Anyone with information is asked to contact New York State Police at 585-344-6200.