Borrello seeks State Senate seat in 57th district

Oct 31, 2019

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello met with WBFO at Aunt Millie's Restaurant. Named in honor of his Aunt Millie, the walls of the Irving, New York eatery are adorned with family photographs. Borrello poses in front of one featuring his Grandfather George, for whom he is named.
Credit Jay Moran/WBFO

Though Democrats control state government in Albany, Republican George Borrello says he's prepared to make a difference if he wins Tuesday's election in the State Senate's 57th district. He promises to build good relationships with other legislators from both parties, "but not lie down" while fighting for the district's interests. Borrello points to his current work as Chautauqua County Executive as a blueprint for how to work with others while achieving results for constituents. He explained his thinking during a recent sit down with WBFO in Irving, New York.