Brewers team up to bring ride-hailing to WNY

Dec 15, 2016

Labatt USA is teaming up with other local businesses to urge Albany to pass legislation that would allow ride-hailing in Western New York.

At a press conference, at Labatt's headquarters in downtown Buffalo, Labatt USA, brand manager, Lisa Texido said, a recent survey shows more than 70 percent of New Yorkers want ridesharing upstate. Try-it Distributing, president and CEO, Paul Vukelic says, it's good for commerce.

"All ships have to rise, as we say in our business, with increased business and the ability for people to get out, socialize, and socialize while having a beer," Vukelic said.  

Mike Shatzel, owner of Thin Man Brewery and several other local restaurants says, many people are afraid of drinking and driving. 

Mike Shatzel, owner of Thin Man Brewery (L), Jeff Ware, president of Resurgence Brewery (C), and Matt Khan, owner of Big Ditch Brewing (R), call for ride-hailing in Buffalo.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

"I think this eliminates a lot of the potential for DWI arrests, accidents, and it makes the roads a much safer place. So, I think more parents will get home safely. Your children will get home safely. And it eliminates a lot of those fears," Shatzel said.

Texido encourages residents to contact their state representatives and to sign Uber's online petition.